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What can we help you with?

Is Trans-iT a logistics company?

No, we are not a logistics company but a partner to logistics transportation providers. Trans-iT is a platform offering a centralized tool that matches its clients with logistics and freight forwarding companies that meet their container demands and specifications.

How to schedule a booking?

To book a service, new users can sign up on the platform, fill out the necessary fields to set up their account, and head to the manage booking section. Users with existing accounts can simply log into the platform and fill out the booking form. Once successful, a confirmation with the full booking details is then sent to your registered email.

How can I edit my booking details?

You may edit booking details and user information on the app.

How do I track my container?

To schedule a booking, kindly log-in with your username and password. If you are a new user, kindly fill out the form.

Does Trans-iT have a mobile app?

Yes, we have one! The optimized Trans-iT mobile app allows each user to do plenty of things, like accessing important transaction information, monitoring real-time delivery progress, generating and issuing delivery receipts for transparency, and more.